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Keyword Research | SEO services London

We need to find good potential keywords and assess for difficulty of achieving top page positioning on Google.

This avoids targeting: –

  • ‘rainbow’ keywords where there is no chance of top page positioning on Google
  • Keywords that nobody is searching for.
Find Keywords

The Google Keyword Planner provides:-
– Monthly search volumes for keywords.
– Keyword suggestions.

Finding keywords is not difficult with the Google Keyword Tool – anyone can do it.



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Keyword SEO Pro – Keyword Difficulty Tool

Keyword SEO Pro calculates keyword difficulty of achieving top page positioning on Google for your target keywords.

We use our own program, Keyword SEO Pro, to screen for keyword difficulty based on average Total Page Authority of the pages on the top page of Google for your provisional keywords – Moz Page Authority and Domain Authority.

SEO services London offers RankTracker analysis
Rank Tracking

We track your website’s ranking for your target keywords on your chosen search engines with RankTracker.

Rank Tracking

We track your website’s ranking for your target keywords on your chosen search engines with RankTracker.

On-Page SEO Assessment – IBP – SEO services London

IBP assesses web page optimisation for a target keyword and compares to the top 10 web pages on your chosen search engine.

Keyword Research is the foundation stone to success on the Internet.

Finding good keywords for your website requires a keyword researcher who understands SEO.

SEO aims to increase the number of new targeted visitors to a website by ranking it on the top page of Google for keywords. The Google Keyword Planner and Bing Keyword Planner provide keyword suggestions that will increase keywords to be considered.

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Google First Page - Why

How important is it to be on the top page of Google for my target keywords.

If you are not on the first page of Google for your target keywords, your website will receive few, if any, new visitors and potential clients who are searching for the services and or products that you are offering. You should also know that 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search.

Google First Page - How - 2

The 3 Groups of Ranking Signals

Google and all the search engines use at least 200 signals to rank webpages on their results pages for a keyword. They can be considered in three groups of factors: –

  1. On-page – the use the keywords (usually a phrase), words in the keyword phrase, synonyms and related words in the visible text and underlying coding.
  2. Off-page – incoming links from other websites to your specific webpage and to all your webpages which determine Page Authority and Domain Authority. You can increase your digital footprint/ authority by writing blog posts on your website and on other websites with links back to your own and by using Social Media.
  3. Quality Score – Initially, this related to the quality of AdWords – Google’s Pay Per Click Adverts. Signals such as time on page and bounce rate (percentage of visitors who look only at the landing page) influenced positioning. As examples, a search is made for a cheap flight to New York. He clicks on one of the AdWords, does not like the landing page and returns to Google for another in less than five seconds. This will have an adverse effect on the ranking of that AdWord. He then clicks on another AdWord. He spends 40 seconds on the landing page and clicks on page links within that website. This will have a positive effect on that AdWord’s ranking. It is believed that Google now includes Quality Scores in its Organic Search Positioning Algorithm.

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